Mid Coast Fantasy Baseball
Mid Coast Fantasy Baseball was founded 1991 by a small group of friends from the Mid Coast Maine area. The league which started out as a Rotisserie Style game, has since taken on the head to head format. The league reached it's height of sixteen teams in 2005, however was down sized to a much more manageable level of twelve teams in 2014. The league has expanded from the small group in Maine to reach as far away as California. Though the game and league has changed since 1991, the dedicated owners of the league continue to strive to have fun and win the prestigious championship!

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In 2023 we will be playing head to head with a tiebreaker. Our tiebreaker will be bench players. Owners will have a 40 player roster. 17 starting players, an 8 player bench, and a 15 player minor league squad. The 8 player reserves can be built to the preference of the owner. This is basically how the MLB does their rosters. So that means all roster spots will need to be filled. This should solve our tiebreaker problem going forward and all teams will have a level playing field. I am still debating on adding 2 more categories, one offense and one pitching. I'm still researching to see if there is any benefit to this.
Standings 2022 Regular Season
American League

American League Wins Loss Ties G/B
Bold Dragoons 9 3 0 -
Fightin Phils 8 4 0 1
Albino Monkeys 4 8 0 5
Bashers 4 8 0 5
One Up 4 8 0 5
Saviors 2 10 0 7
National League

National League Wins Loss Ties G/B
Fantasy Bums 8 4 0 -
Delaware Destroyers 7 5 0 1
Gladiators 7 5 0 1
B-Town Kurupt Ballers 7 6 0 1
Golden Great 6 6 0 2
Name Your Price 6 6 0 2
* indicates clinched division
@ indicates clinched wildcard


Our 2021 Champion Tom Byrne Of The Fightin Phils!!!!!!